Front Steps is supported by a group of professionals who devote their time, talent and financial resources to further our organization. 

Our Board of Directors is comprised of individuals who bring a variety of talents, professions and personal interests to the table. Together, they work to establish, maintain and manage the integrity of Front Steps, ensuring we stay true to our vision, mission and values, and truly enrich the lives of those we serve.

Meet Our Board of Directors

  • Viveca Kimble

  • Robert Kula

  • Jon-Michael Lemon

  • Ricardo Leon

  • Candace Price

  • Lindsay Spillman

  • Jaclyn Ugrin

  • David Eddy, President

  • Steve Bittence, Vice President

  • Karen Powers, Treasurer

  • Dia Vavruska, Secretary

  • Dave Davala

  • Torre Escott

  • Donna Flynt

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