Pam's Story

Resident Spotlight

Pam on the day of her workforce readiness graduation

Pam on the day of her workforce readiness graduation

After only being at Front Steps for a few months, Pam has already made a significant impact on both staff and fellow residents.

Since a young age, Pam always had a job and was able to support her family, including her children who are now 26, 19 and 18. Her most recent position was a nursing home housekeeper, which lasted eight years until she was unexpectedly laid off in 2013. With no income, Pam could no longer keep her apartment, so she resorted to staying with friends and family. Once she wore out her welcome, Pam went to the Norma Herr Women’s Homeless Shelter.
Pam doesn’t have many good memories from her two years spent at Norma Herr. She shared a room with twenty other women, had little to no privacy and never felt comfortable or at home. While at Norma Herr, Pam started attending the Art Therapy Program at Front Steps. After interacting with Front Steps resident and staff, she decided she would make every effort to make Front Steps her next home and that is exactly what she did.
Pam became an official Front Steps resident in May of 2015. Since then she has graduated from the Workforce Readiness Workshop, continues to participate in the Art Therapy Program and tries to take advantage of the other programs as much as she can. Pam feels that Front Steps has given her the opportunity to work on herself, while gaining necessary skills and experience.  Pam is currently applying and interviewing for jobs. Once she is stable in her employment, she plans to move out onto her own again.
Pam credits Front Steps staff and residents for helping her be where she is today – happy, healthy and hopeful about the future. She considers the staff and residents her family and is not sure where she would be without them. Pam continues to be a true inspiration to those at Front Steps and we are excited to see what her future holds! 

Pam's Favorites:

Book: Anything by Stephen King
Movie: Any horror movie
Cleveland landmark: Tower City
Food: Seafood
Color: Royal Blue
Music: Jazz
Hobby: Cooking
Destination: Las Vegas
Holiday: 4th of July